Believotron Wanderlust Synthesizer Beta-1

Believotron Wanderlust Synthesizer Beta-1

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What's in the box

  • Fully assembled, tested synthesizer, ready to play
    • Believotron Wanderlust Beta-1 controller 
    • Axoloti synthesizer
    • Laser cut enclosure
  • Two USB power supplies (Axoloti / LEDs)
  • Micro SD card loaded with synthesizers and samples

Welcome to the beta!

When you open the box, you'll have a 21st century musical instrument that is ready to play. Each Wanderlust ships with an SD card full of awesome synthesizer patches. You can change synths without programming using a menu system or by swapping SD cards, like a video game cartridge. When you're ready to start designing your own synth models, you can connect to your Mac/Win/Linux computer and make sounds that no one has ever heard before!

We ask that as participants of the beta, you hang out a bit with the community and give us your honest thoughts about the synthesizer as you're starting to play. Photos, videos, text, public / private are encouraged. We will also be holding forum-only give-aways and discounts when the beta-1 is released.

We're here to figure out what parts of the synth work, and what parts need adjustment. We're going to be keeping track of bugs and features on the beta workboard.

We also want to remind you that Axoloti has a wonderful community if you want to ask a question about the Axoloti Patcher or the Axoloti Core hardware.

Free as in speech

We want to make sure that you are aware that you can buy all the parts for this synthesizer and use our online instructions to solder all the components together without giving us a dime, because open source is the great big idea that can change the world.

We also think that buying a synthesizer from us is also pretty cool.


Axoloti Core Audio Hardware

  • Midi In/Thru, Midi Out
  • Headphone audio jack
  • 1/4" Stereo in jack
  • 1/4" Stereo out jack
  • USB Host for Keyboard / Mouse / etc control
  • USB to Computer connector
  • Micro SD Card

Graphical Axoloti Patcher Software

  • Load patches without any understanding of composition
  • Control synth live with knobs and other widgets on your computer
  • Write to the SD card and run the patch independent of the computer.
  • Create new sounds and controls using a graphical programming language
  • Re-use community code
  • Use C to create elaborate controls and save on system resources

Dynamic Control

  • Instrument Patch Management
  • Download new features
  • Dynamic Control Routing
  • Control Sequencing
  • Sequenced Control Routing

Physical Controls

  • 12-Key Polyphonic Keyboard
  • 22 Touchpads
  • 16 Knobs
  • 2 XY Thumb Joysticks
  • 26 RGB LEDs

Take it apart. You own it.

  • Designed to be open and modified.

      Estimated Timeframe  

      We are currently waiting on the first Beta-1 prototypes, and hope to have them all evaluated and hardware shipping by Jan 15th.

      We're going to be communicating updates via the beta blog and into your inbox if you order.

      Risks / Challenges / Caveats

      Our team is led by an Electrical Engineer with 18 years experience leading, testing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, and supporting electronics in the fields of electric vehicle energy systems, avionics, semiconductor test, and startup IoT industries. We have a vast network of engineers, developers, artists, and musicians in the Chicago and professional community, and believe me, they have been called upon and have given this project their love.

      Because this is not our first rodeo, we can guarantee something will go wrong. We're at the stage where we're sure everything works when it goes out the door, but it's engineering. We're going to use the community forums to capture problems and communicate solutions.

      We have designed the hardware and equipment with industry best practices and do not expect any possible harm to connected devices such as computers, however we encourage an abundance of caution and recommend that you use a USB hub/switch to firewall your computer from the beta hardware.


      If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, head over to the forum, or ask us a question.